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Sandspike® Boat and Beach Accessories

Sandspike Beach Bag
Sandspike® Beach Bag

Our Sandspike® beach bag with dynasty bottom is made with high quality 100% polyester mesh netting. It is 20" x 10" with zipper & handles and has a solid bottom. It is designed for carrying all of your Sandspike® gear, beach towels, clothing, boating equipment or other supplies. These American made specialty bags are reinforced at all stress points.

These bags will actually hold any size of the Sandspikes® along with the float, the beach anchor lines, Anchor buddy, buoy and still have room for more! (Orange beach towel in bag
pictured above not included)

Beach Bag .............................................. $19.99
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Vest Pac©

Tired of not having anyplace to store those extra life jackets?  Sandspike® would like to introduce the all New VEST PAC©.  This handy life vest storage bag is made out of the convenient heavy duty mesh that allows everything in them to dry out.
No more funky smells coming out of your storage locker!  These bags have a lot of great uses!  Great for ski or scuba gear, ropes, beverages, sun tan lotion bottles or just about anything you want to keep together on your watercraft.  Comprised of high quality 100% polyester mesh netting.  Excellent colorfast and abrasion resistance.
Most durable seams in the industry!

A Sandspike Exclusive item!

  • Will hold up to 6 US Coast Guard Approved Vest
  • Great for all types of life vests
  • Ventilated heavy duty mesh construction
  • Will not rot or Mildew
  • American Made
  • Super Tough

* Orange life vests in photo not included

Vest Pac©..... ............................................... $29.95
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Trash Sack

Trash Sack™

Trash Sack is absolutely the first garbage system that allows you to fasten it to almost any object. Its multipurpose fastening system allows you to secure it to gelcoat, hand rails, cabinet doors, auto and truck seats, windows, folding chairs, and a lot more.

No worries about spilling something awful inside the bag; its heavy-duty disposable liner clips in for security. Two sturdy support flaps allow the bag to open in a uniform shape, protect the liner and clips from snagging on garbage, and help keep trash secure in windy conditions. Plus, the sack utilizes two zippers - one to contain the garbage and one to store plastic liners.


  • 11" x 16" x 7" durable, attractive
  • Polyester fabric with a vinyl backing
  • Two super-strong suction cups fastens Trash Sack to
    gel-coat and glass
  • Holds up to 20 pounds of trash
  • Disposable plastic liners clip in for security
  • Adjustable Nylon Velcro straps
  • Two 3M adhesive Velcro strips fasten Trash Sack to
    table tops and cabinet doors
  • Two sturdy support flaps
  • Two zippers, one to contain the trash and one to store
    the liners
  • Storage pocket for disposable plastic liners
  • Machine washable

Black Trash Sack ......................................... $29.95
click for larger view                               

12 Trash Sack Liners ................................... $7.49
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Sandspike Pocket Buddy

Sandspike® Pocket Buddy

Wish you had another drink holder?
How about a convenient place to store your cell phone, car keys, sunglasses and even a camera. This cool neoprene pocket utilizes a fiberglass strip with two suction cups attached to it, the pocket flexes outward when pulled on, when released, locks in the goods. Being surrounded by gel-coat and glass, enables you to fasten Pocket Buddy to a variety of places. Accessible? You bet! this pocket will definitely save you time and make your life easier. Works great, on ski-boats, yachts, fishing and pleasure boats, sailboats, RV's and automobiles. (Great gift item for all occasions)

Sandspike® Pocket Buddy ........................... $18.95
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Soap Buddy

Soap Buddy Holder

Have you ever caught yourself on the rear platform anxious to GET IT ON but are delayed because your special lube is nowhere to be found?

Would you like to finally be rid of this time consuming inconvenience once and for all?

If you answered YES, the Soap Buddy is the affordable solution for you.


  • Attractive, durable ABS plastic holder... available in Black or White!
  • One sturdy oval shaped 8oz bottle... it won't roll away!
  • Specially engineered to grip the bottle... it won;t slip out!
  • V shape in the front displays fluid level!
  • Utilized two durable suction cup fasteners!
  • Mounts to the back of any boat... right where it belongs!
  • Fill it with your favorit binding lube and you're ready to rock!

Soap Buddy ................................................. $18.95
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Skier Down Flag

Sandspike® Skier Down Flag

Some state laws requires that vessels towing person(s) on water skis or similar devices carry and use a bright red or brilliant orange "skier-down" flag, at least 12 x 12 inches in size and mounted on a pole at least 24 inches long, whenever the towed person(s) is preparing to ski or has fallen into the water.

Remote-operated personal watercraft (PWCs designed to be operated by a towed person) must have a "skier-down" flag attached to the PWC.

Vessels towing person(s) on water skis or other devices must display a red or orange "skier-down" flag whenever the towed person(s) has fallen into the water or is preparing to ski.

Skier Down Flag .............................................. $5.99
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Does your State require a Skier Down Flag?
All states in RED REQUIRE A FLAG the states in gray do not.

Does your state require a skier down flag?

This info is intended as a reference. Since State laws do change please check your states laws to make sure!Go Back



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